In The Gap

I have often heard the phrase – standing in the gap. Have you ever truly looked at what that means?

When we stand in the gap for someone, we are interceding on their behalf. We are praying to the Almighty Father for this person. Not just a cookie cutter prayer – “Lord you know my prayer list”, but a mountain moving, spirit-filled, heartfelt prayer.

It is a great responsibility to pray on behalf of others. A responsibility that we should not take lightly. Prayer is our communication to the Father. Prayer changes situations, circumstances, and hearts. Mostly prayer changes us.

Prayer grows our relationships with God. The more we turn over to Him, the more we trust His guidance and His leadership in our lives, the closer we feel to our Heavenly Father. When prayer is needed, be the first one down the aisle. Not because your prayers are eloquent or a great speech, but because it is an opportunity to connect both with the Father and the person standing in need of prayer.

There is a bond that forms between you and them. I feel so invested in the lives of the people that I pray for. Some of whom I have never met. My hearts hurts and breaks for them. It is my privilege to lift up prayers, to stand in the gap for others. The majority of the time, I will not see the outcome of my prayers. The important thing is to pray.

God is calling us to stand in the gap for others. Will you answer that call today.

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