A good laugh tends to change our mood. We can be so upset and then the laugh comes and all that fades away. Life is hard and we could all use a good laugh.

I am not speaking about laughing at the expense of another person. Just a good joke, a funny meme, or a video meant to entertain.

I think that is why fellowship is so important. We when are around other believers, the laughs and lightheartedness lift our spirits. We can be having a bad day and when we get that first hug, we know that someone cares. They might not know anything about our day or our situation, they just know you need a hug.

There is something so special about being around a group of people that truly want the best for your life. People that accept you for who you are. People that support you on your path for the Lord. They make a bad day better and a good day even better. They love people like Jesus does.

Do not separate yourself from others. Do not quit going to Church. If you do not feel like you fit in, go to a different Church. God has your Church picked out and waiting for you. Whatever you do, do not quit laughing.

God has a plan for your life. That plan includes fellowshipping with other believers. That plan includes laughter and hugs.   

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