God Chose Well

I had a plan for my life. I could see my chosen career path which I picked mostly due to the financial gain it would bring. I had a five, ten, and fifteen year plan. My path was set.

But God, in His mercy and wisdom guided me a different way. It was a struggle at first. I did not want to give up my financially stable dreams for the unknown.

But God, knowing all things, kept nudging me to change directions. When I finally realized that a relationship with God was more important than any amount of money I could make or any career choice or any plan I had, I gave up all my plans and followed Him.

I no longer know what the next week, month, or year holds for me, but I know that He does and that is enough.

God has guided me in directions I would have never gone on my own. He has loved me so completely along the way. God has put people in my path that have made me a better person. He has given me a love for others and a heart for service.

Looking back over my life, I see all of the choices that I was going to make would have taken me away from this fulfilled life that I have now. I also see all of the choices that God made, and He chose well. His plan brought me to this moment, and I am so thankful every day that I said yes to God.

We all have choices in our lives. We can choose to follow our own path. We can choose to worry about gaining worldly things and possessions. We can choose to follow God. We can choose to step on the path that He has planned for us. We can choose to walk the road of faith.

My challenge to you is to say yes to just one thing that God has been guiding you to do. Just one and see the difference it makes in your week.

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