The Way of Jesus

“‘The old is Better’.” That sentence stuck out to me as I wondered what that could mean before looking in the study session below the verses to see what it meant. It turns out that Jesus spoke that Parable to the Pharisees that talked about their old traditions and sticking to them. The Pharisees were so wrapped up in their own little world of doing things the old fashion way, of sacrificing lambs and fasting for a whole day, that they disregarded the Way that Jesus was trying to show them. It’s like the lesson that I have learned from Luke, Chapter 5. Jesus paved the way for a new tradition that would truly allow us to be saved and have eternal salvation in Heaven after we die. To think otherwise would be arrogance and that is what the Pharisees had when they reasoned within their hearts about Jesus’s sayings and plotted to kill Him. Maybe we are just like the Pharisees, being wrapped up in our own little world of doing things our way and getting lost in the world of sin and strife that we forget that Jesus’s Way is the better way to go. I, myself, am guilty of such a thing because for so long I have thought about writing down what was going on in my mind about the things I see each day and have it something to do with Jesus and the Bible. However, I often shut it down because I am so wrapped up in my own little world that I can hardly see forward because I am unknowingly quenching the Spirit’s fire inside of me. Maybe living in the world of sin and doing the same thing every single day is good for us but it is comfortable as well and all God asks us to do is to step outside our comfort zone and do His Will. If we can just take that one step forward for God, then maybe we can continue to easily do so for the next few steps.


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