I love watching other Christians grow in the Lord. To see the excitement as the Lord reveals their calling. To witness the absolute joy that comes from walking with Jesus. I spend a lot of time pouring into the lives of others. Not because I have to, but because I find pure joy in seeing others flourish.

God gave us this love for others. He gave us a burden for the lost. It is up to us what we do with it. My heart hurts when I see a fellow brother or sister struggling. My heart soars watching them grow closer to God.

Maybe I will not see the fruits of my labor in the lives of everyone and that is alright. I know the One who sees and if He has directed me to that person, then there is a plan and a purpose. So I continue to pour out love, grace, and prayers.

 Have you ever tried it? If so, you understand the feeling you get when helping another person. There is no other feeling like it. If not, I pray that today is the day that you say “yes” to the Lord. Pray and ask for Him to send you someone. Then, be ready.

Not that you can practice what to say or memorize scriptures for this person, but that you will allow the Holy Spirit to speak through you the words that the other person needs to hear.

Being ready means that you are growing your relationship with God. This happens by reading His Word, praying, and answering the callings He has placed on your life.

See you cannot pour out into others if you have nothing to give. If you pour out more than you take it, then you have a deficit in your own life. Then, you begin to struggle.

I have been there. I put all of myself into everything and got so busy working for the Lord that I was no longer working with the Lord. There is a difference. Working with the Lord is allowing Him to lead and lean into what He has for your life. Working for the Lord is doing things that you think He will approve of or you think He wants you to do without ever asking.

When I stopped being in control and allowed God to move me, my life became filled. Filled to the point that I could share that fullness with others. That I could share the love of Jesus and what He has done in my life. That I could extend grace to those in need. That I could see mountains moved in my prayer life.

Today is a good day to start your service to the Lord. Today is a good day to pour into the life of another. Today is a good day to grow closer in your walk with Him.

Today is a good day. Join me on this journey.

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