Maybe you cannot see the fruits of your labor. Maybe you cannot see the road ahead. Maybe you are frustrated with everything that evil is doing right now in your life.

When we take a step out for God, evil will try to get us to take that step back, to stop working for the Lord. When evil sees what we fail to see, he knows how valuable our work is for the Lord.

Recently, I had a week where there were a series of stumbling blocks for me. Every day something different. It is easy to let frustration take over. To just sit down until the storm passes.

At this point, it is very important to take a moment to reset. Our thinking can become so consumed with everything that is going wrong that we fail to see what is going right.

Evil would not be working this hard to get you to quit working for the Lord unless he sees lives changed, souls saved, and people encouraged.

Right now, let us take a moment to reset.

Stop what you are doing.

Breathe in. Calm your mind.

Breathe out. Count. Feel everything in your day clearing from your mind.

Breathe in. Count your blessings.

Breathe out. See the Lord’s beauty around you.

Breathe in. God never leaves you, never forsakes you.

Breathe out. Ready to walk with God.

Now we have refocused on God.

Maybe we cannot see the fruits of our labor, but God does.

Maybe we cannot see the road ahead, but God can.

Maybe evil is going to frustrate us sometimes, but that is just a small part of our story.

God is leading us down an amazing path and He has great plans for us.

I do not want to miss a moment walking and fellowshipping with Him.

Reset. Refocused. Ready.

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