Making Time

When friends call with a spontaneous invitation to dinner, we rearrange our schedules to make time. When we want to go somewhere, we make time in our schedule for a vacation.

But, when God calls us to do something, then our schedule is so full that there is no way we can accomplish this task. We make time to do the things we want to do. Maybe that is not something we would ever admit, but remember God knows your heart.

He already knows that you have the time to complete the calling that He has placed on your life. He knows the excuses you are going to give why you cannot complete this call.

It is time that we admit it to ourselves. We schedule our lives around things we want to do.

How do we change that?

Grow closer to the Lord. Spend time with Him every day and build that close relationship. You will notice that as you grow closer, the things you want change. Your desires change. Not because of anything that you have done, but because of your relationship with the Lord.

Suddenly, you have different wants. You change your schedule for different things. You find that working for the Lord does not feel like work at all. Service is fulfilling. Service is love. And that is exactly what it feels like.

Make time for the Lord today. Even if you have to schedule it on your calendar so you do not forget.

This is time well spent.

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