Watching and Waiting

The other day, I watched a predator chase its prey. It was so heart-wrenching to watch. This little animal seemed defenseless against the larger predator but ran as fast as its little legs would go. And then behind the predator came a much larger animal that started chasing the predator. As the larger animal chased the predator over the hill, I pondered the analogy of what just happened.

The world is like the prey. Maybe they have heard about Jesus. Maybe they are early in their walk with the Lord. Maybe they are still searching for the fulfilling love of Jesus Christ.

Whatever state they are in, the predator is watching. The evil one is just waiting, ready to pounce. And when we stand firm against the trickery of evil, then he chases us. And if he catches us, he will begin breaking down our resolve until there is nothing left.

What can we do to stand in the gap for others? What can we do for our own walk? How did Jesus fight the devil in the wilderness? With the Word of the Lord. God’s Word is powerful. God’s Word causes the evil one to flee.

We need to help those that are being chased by the evil one and those that he is watching and waiting to attack. First and foremost, we help them with our prayers. God is the changer of hearts. We need to pray for people that we know and people that we have never met. Everyone deserves a chance to know Jesus through the free pardon of sin.

Next, we need to assemble and fellowship. We are greater in numbers. We lift each other up and encourage one another. No matter what battle you face, having a support system is vital. God did not want us to journey through this life alone. He made us for fellowship with Him and each other.

Lastly, we need to remember our own spiritual health. You cannot help others if your spiritual tank is drained. Spend time every day with the Lord strengthening your relationship and being filled to overflowing. You are important to God.

Now, let us press forward in the work of the Lord and all together we say – get behind me satan.

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