Back Porch

I recently took a trip. During this trip, I had the privilege of seeing God’s creation. I watched the sunrise from my hotel room. While the sun rising looked a little different among the high-rise buildings, it was still peaceful. It was beautiful.

At that moment, I missed the sunrise from my back porch. I missed seeing the beauty of God’s creation outside my backdoor.

We think that if we have this house or this amount of money, then we will be happy. If we work this hard or spend this much time, things will be how we envision them.

When we do this, we miss what is right in front of us. We miss the blessings that God has for our lives. If focus so much on what we do not have, we forget to enjoy what we do have.

One day, everything will change. There will be no more tomorrows to enjoy. No more sunrises. No more sunsets. No more of God’s beauty to see.

At that time, will the money we made, the house we lived in, the car we drove, or the job we held mean anything? Will everything we wanted in life still be important?

Look around and see the beauty all around you. See that what you have is all that you need. Enjoy the life God has given you.

Enjoy the sunrise from your back porch.

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