Maybe it started with feeling justified. Maybe the trauma that you have had to endure was overwhelming. Whatever the reason, you now harbor hate in your heart. That hate grows. So much that now you treat others with hate. People that you do not know. People that do not deserve your hate.

Your hate does not just affect you. Did you ever think of it that way? Hate steals your joy. It robs you of getting to know good people. It alienates you from the people who love you. It deteriorates your mental health and your physical health. Eventually, you have nothing left except the hate.

Yes, hate in your heart does all that. Do not allow hate to take over. Do not allow hate to change who you are.

There is so much to experience and love in this world. God called us to love.

There are many people we need to reach in this world for Jesus and we cannot do that with hate in our hearts. Love is the answer to every question. To the trauma. To the disappointment. To the hurt. Respond in love.

Lay down the hate. It is too big a burden for you to bear. Fill your heart with love. Love for the Lord and love for others. Love shines bright. Love lights the way to Jesus.

Let the name of Jesus be more than just a name. Let it be the light of your heart.

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