Prepare the Way

Have you ever thought about how people hear about the life and love of Jesus Christ? People are looking and searching for something. How will they know what that something is if not for Christians?

Christians that write, speak, post, and live out a life of light.

How will they know if not for you and me? You, yes you, show the world the love and light of Jesus.

If you proclaim to be a Christian, people are watching. They want to see the difference that Jesus made in your life.

By your life you are showing others the way to eternal life. By your calling you are preparing the way for their acceptance of salvation.

Focus on God. Allow Him to guide your steps.

His light will shine brightly through you to others. Your life will point the way of showing them the fulfilling life possible with Jesus.

Who will go? Who will tell? Join me in saying – I am here Lord, send me!

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