This world is full of distractions. So many things to take our eyes off of the Lord. Just driving from your home through a community, there are numerous things that try to grab your attention to take your eye off of the road.

This is the same principle. As we need to keep our eyes focused on the road ahead while we are driving, we need to keep our eyes fixed on the Lord to keep us on the path that He has chosen for us.

Distractions are meant to catch your attention. They are meant to look good, look harmless, be good for you, and look fun. But the true intention is to separate you from your relationship with the Lord. To pull you away from His work and His ways. Distractions blind you to this until your relationship has suffered.

We must stand strong again the distractions of this world. We must keep our relationship a priority. We must make time every day to spend with the Lord.

These distractions will not just go away so begin each day putting on the armor of God so that you can stand against whatever distractions the world places in your way.

Stand strong and keep walking the road of faith.

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