There is Something About Sunday

This is something special about Sunday. From the moment I awake, I know that this day is a meeting with the Lord. It is an appointed day to spend with God. A day that I know will be spirit-filled.

What makes Sunday so different than every other day? It is one of seven days of the week. It is the day before I have to start another work week. It is a day that I have chosen to set aside and worship the Lord.

Can the other six days a week be as special as Sunday? Well, I get to see my Church family on Sundays and they are very special to me. But in my relationship with the Lord, yes, every day can be as special as Sunday.

Each day is what we make of it. We can choose to allow the day to dictate to us what we will do or we can lean on His understanding and allow God to guide our days. We can awake every morning and know that each day is an opportunity to meet with the Lord. Every day can be an appointed day to spend with God. We can walk through each spirit-filled day.

There is something special about a day spent with the Lord. There is something so wonderful about having a close relationship with God. There is something so fulfilling about following God.

Make every day the Lord’s Day.

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