What are your barriers to serving the Lord? We all have them. Whether it is family, friends, job – there is something in our lives that discourages us from service. Maybe it is us. We might be our biggest barrier to service.

We do not think we have the time. We do not feel qualified to serve in the capacity that God has called us. We feel overwhelmed at the thought of service and do not know where to start.

Maybe your family or friends will not understand your calling. It is hard for others because this calling is yours. Know that families and friends can be supportive and not fully understand. Know that even if they cannot support you, you can still answer the call that God has placed on your life. He will strengthen you.

Maybe your job takes you away from the Lord. Pray and allow God to guide you to either a job that supports your service or changes those at your job that are pulling you away from the Lord.

Nothing is impossible with God. He can do the work without us, but He chooses to invite us to join Him. He chooses us for service. He chooses to work through us.

What an amazing God we serve. That He would choose us, love us, mold us, call us. That even with the barriers we face in this life, He still nudges us, pulls us, calls us.

God can help you to overcome any barrier. If there is anything in this life that is discouraging you from serving the Lord, give it to God. Allow Him to make a way. Allow Him to open your eyes to the way that He had made for you. See that this barrier will not keep you from serving the Lord.

Today is a good day to serve the Lord.

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