No matter my circumstances, I want to soak in every moment with the Lord. No matter where this journey takes me, I want to savor every second walking with my Savior.

This life gets noisy and distracting. It can take our eyes off of the Lord if we allow it. It pulls until it has you so far off track that you no longer recognize the pathway.

This moment, the one we all currently find ourselves in, is a choice. We choose how to respond to the things happening in this moment. Does it feel as though the world is coming against you? Do you feel overwhelmed? Frustrated?

In this moment, what choice will you make? Will you choose to allow the world to weigh you down? To be discouraged and dismayed? Or will you remember how much you are loved? Rest in the fact that God wants the very best for your life. He desires to have a close relationship with you. He has a plan that is just for your life.

For me, I will rest in the Lord. I will walk with my Savior even if I cannot see the road ahead. I want to be present in every moment.

Once this moment has passed, we can never get it back. We move on to the next moment and then the next. Do not waste another moment. Rest in His love. Savor His plan for your life. Walk with Him.

Make every moment a God-filled moment.

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