Sunday’s Coming

We get that feeling. That filled up to overflowing, you can conquer the world, cannot wait to tell everyone about Jesus. You know that Preacher he preached a good message, and we walk out the door on Sunday renewed.

Then Monday comes and it is back to life. That Sunday feeling fades and by the end of the week, we look like the world again. Just waiting on Sunday to come.

We can sustain that Sunday morning feeling all week long. It takes work. It takes time. If you are willing to put forth the effort, you can conquer the world seven days a week.

How do we get and keep a close relationship with God?

Pray – spend time every day in prayer. If you already pray every day, there are a lot of prayer studies out there that will help to grow and strengthen your prayer life.

Read – spend time every day reading the Bible. It is your life guide and all the answers you seek are found there.

Yield – listen to the Holy Spirit’s guidance. If you pay attention, you will feel the tug from the Spirit to say or do something. This is where you have to decide if you are willing to allow God to guide your life or not. If you say yes and complete the task before you, then you will receive another tug, another task to complete. Now, you are walking with God.

Gather – Find a Church home. Yes, you can worship away from organized religion, but God never meant for us to walk this journey alone. Churches are for believers to lift one another up, pray for each other, and fellowship together. This is an important part of your journey, do not skip it.

This is where you start. Try all the steps mentioned above and see the difference God will make in your life.

You can still look forward to Sundays, but spend time with God every day.

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