Today is a new day. I cannot wait to get to work and be frustrated and exasperated. I am so excited to let the world weigh on me so heavily today. I know the minute I walk out this door, distraction will hit, and I will not think about God again until my head hits the pillow tonight.

Although this might be how our day goes, we do not wake up in the morning wanting any of this to happen. We wake up full of hope, love, and promise. We want to walk closely with the Lord throughout our day.  

When we let distractions in, we get off course very quickly. Unfortunately, most of these distractions go unnoticed until we have traveled so far in the wrong direction. Are we ready to change our days?

When someone says something that bothers you, stop – do not answer, seek God’s guidance. Maybe it deserves a response, but sometimes no words speak volumes. When life overwhelms us, stop – seek God’s guidance. Bring back into perspective this moment in time. When something takes your eyes off the Lord, stop – redirect and focus on Him.

Yes, these are small steps, but they lead to bigger steps. Maybe that will mean change. You have to be open to the changes. Remember that God sees the bigger picture and He knows what is best for your life.

Allowing God to guide your life is so fulfilling. Trusting God to guide your steps takes you places you would have never thought you could go. It leads to experiences that are truly awe-inspiring.

Do not let the world distract you today. Decide before you walk out that door that today is the Lord’s day and you will walk with Him.

Today is a new day. You have twenty-four hours.

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