In my walk with the Lord, I cannot see the road ahead. God reveals one step at a time. I might not understand the significance of this step, but it is part of God’s plan. There are times when my life gets so busy that I put off a step, thinking there will be time to complete it later.

I recently had an eye-opening moment. There are so many things in my life right now that I have not understood. With one phone call, everything lined up together. I can see now how God was preparing me for this very moment.

It is so important that we listen and follow even when we cannot see how this one step matters. When God calls you, He sees the road ahead and He knows whether you need one or ten smaller steps to get prepared for the one big thing that will happen later on.

When we put it off and keep thinking that we have all the time in the world to complete this step, we have to remember a few things.

We are not promised tomorrow. Your days are numbered, make them count.

If we put off what He has told us to do today, then we are not prepared for tomorrow. The big step or big hit or valley comes, and we are left scrambling to catch up. If we had taken each small step along the way, then this big one would not seem so daunting.

God sees what is ahead and He would not have given you this task if it could be completed later. He wants the very best for your life and that means answering when He calls.

Do not wait until you get the phone call, visit, etc, to prepare for what comes next in your life.

Step on the road of faith with Him and keep moving forward.

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