There are times when you will feel as though no one is listening. As much as you try to spread the love of Jesus, you will not see change.

We may never see the fruits of our labor. That can be discouraging.

We are called to plant the seed. We are called to water that seed. But God gives the increase. God has prepared hearts ahead of time. God is working out everything you cannot see.

God has a plan and purpose for your life. Yes, you. He has a road waiting for you to walk it.

Discouragement robs us of the blessing. If we get frustrated, we cannot see God at work around us. If we give up, God can no longer work through us.

Trust that people are listening whether they act like it or not. Know that change is happening, you just cannot see it.

If you are currently discouraged or frustrated, do not lose heart. We see you. You are doing fantastic work for the Lord. We applaud you.

Press forward. Do not give in. Do not give up. Your breakthrough is coming. Step back on the road that God has for you and keep moving forward.

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