Pressing Forward

So much of the time, we tend to seek and grasp for things that are easy. We do not spend much energy on searching. God wants us to seek Him. We might not find Him if our seeking only lasts a few seconds. We must search for Him with all of our heart.

That means that we must travel outside of our comfortable places to find true fulfillment. When is the last time you stood outside of a Church for hours just to feel a touch from the Lord? When is the last time you traveled beyond your community in search of Word from the Lord?

There are people all over this country that are doing just that. People that have a longing inside of them that they are trying to find something to fill. They might not know that they are searching for God, but they are.

We pass people on the street that are searching. We interact with people at work or the store that are longing. We see people walk into the Church who are seeking.

Then there are others that are taking for granted that they have this beautiful, awe-inspiring relationship with Jesus Christ. People who keep secret the fact that they are a Christian. People who have the ability to go to Church, to draw close to God, but do not.

Today is a day that we can make a change in our lives. We have something that the world is looking for. People are hurting. People are searching. People are seeking.

When you awoke this morning, God gave you a twenty-four-hour gift. Now, it is up to you what you do with those hours.

It is time to seek God with all your heart. It is time to press forward toward the goal. It is time to tell others about the love of Jesus.

It is time.

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