Unconditional Love

The word love is defined as an intense feeling of deep affection. I imagine we can all think of several people in our lives that we would classify as love. So much of the time, our love is conditional.

I will love you as long as you do not make a mistake. I will love you until you hurt me. I cannot love you because you will not change.

Agape love is different. It is unmerited, gracious, sacrificial, uniting, restoring, and fulfilling. God’s love for us is immeasurable. He loved us so much that He sent His one and only Son to die in our place to give us an opportunity to spend eternity with Him in Heaven. He did that.

It did not matter what you had done in your past or what you will do in your future. He still loves you. The true meaning of unconditional love. This love is not fleeting.

It is humbling to think that I am loved so completely and that He loves you with that same love.

Rest in this fact. No matter what you face today, God loves you and He desires a relationship with you. No matter what situation or circumstance you are currently in, God is there. He wants to help, would you let Him in.

Today is a perfect day to follow God. Right now is the perfect time to place your trust in Him.

Experience God’s agape love today!

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