Most days, I feel like Paul when he said he was the chief sinner. Why do I do the things I do not want to do and do not do the things that I want to do? Why would God use someone like me?

I understand that no one is perfect and that we are all sinners. That we carry baggage from our past and our sins. That we hold on to our imperfections so tightly that it keeps us from serving the Lord.

I am not good enough. I have done (insert sin here). No one will listen to me. I have nothing to say.

We use all of the above to convince ourselves that we cannot be of any service to the Lord. We stay in our current situation, never growing, never fulfilling the plan He has for us.

Logically, Paul could have come to the same conclusion. Paul could have said that because of his past sin, he could not be of service to the Lord. Paul could have worried about how he would be received by other Christians because of his past.

Instead, Paul followed God. Paul preached. Paul wrote. Paul taught. Paul ministered. He did not hold on to the things of the past or allow that to distract him from his calling. Even if the rest of the world did not understand, he followed God. Even if no one else listened, he followed God. In prison, he followed God. Until death, he followed God.

Maybe life has not turned out like you thought it would. Maybe you think you have gone too far to turn around and be of service to God. Maybe you just do not know where to begin.

All of these could have been said of Paul and look at what he did. He did not let the maybes or the doubts get him down or stop him from his service. He knew that if God was with him, then all things were possible.

The same is true today. Right now, whatever you are going through, God is there. He is waiting. He is ready. Will you allow Him to guide your life? Will you allow Him to lead you? Will you follow and serve Him? There is no better day than today and no better time than this moment to say yes to God.

Let go of your baggage.

Join me on this journey.

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