New Adventures

There are times when saying “yes” to the Lord that I could not see what this one decision had to do with the path I was on or what benefit this decision had on that path. I was not sure what this decision meant or how it would impact my journey with the Lord.

 Oh, but as I look back now, every decision led me to where I am today. Every “yes” was another step in the plan that He has for my life. I have been in situations that were extremely uncomfortable. I have done things that are completely outside my realm of knowledge.

Each step has brought me closer to the Lord. Each “yes” has been a new adventure. I do not know where a “yes” will lead me, but God does and that is enough for me.

This year, I want to hesitate less and say “yes” more. I want to tackle each new task as the learning and growing adventure that God wants it to be.

As you journey on your walk with the Lord, there will be times that the road ahead is not clear. Trust in His guidance. There will be times when you want to step ahead of the Lord. Trust in His timing. There will be times when you hesitate to take that step. Trust in His plan.

God loves us so much that He wants the very best for our lives. Our definition of “very best” might look different than God’s. We might think that “very best” means the biggest house, nicest clothes, and best job. Very best to God means what draws you closest to Him. Very best means the fulfilling of the purpose He has for your life. Even when it does not look on the outside to be “very best”, know that God has a plan and this step is part of that plan.

Hesitation keeps you from following God. Hesitation puts doubt in your mind.

Right now, in this moment, God has called you to do something. Bring that calling to your mind.

Ready? Take that step.

When people ask why you make these decisions, simply answer – it felt like something I needed to do, we will see where this journey takes me.

Join me on this new adventure!

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