In Season

People are always chasing the latest fads. Looking for what is in season. That seems to be in every area of life. There are even words that are in season. Fads and seasons change faster than most of us know. By the time I hear of a fad, it is already out of season.

I guess everything about me is out of season. My words are probably even last year’s words. But there is one thing about me that never goes out of season. That is my love for Jesus.

The Lord is the same yesterday, today, tomorrow, and forever. He never changes, and I am so glad about that. His love is forever.

What an amazing God we serve. A God that is accepting. A God that is loving. A God that is forgiving.

He loves every single person. That is the person that keeps up with all of the fads. That is the person that has no idea what the word fad means. That is the person that speaks against the Lord and leads people astray. That is the person that works tirelessly telling others about Jesus.

As for me, I want to chase after the Lord. Looking for opportunities to serve God. Allowing the Holy Spirit to guide my words. Join me on this journey.

Following God is always in season.

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