Speak Love

We are going to try something a little different. Today, I want you to speak kindly to everyone you meet. Give compliments. Respond in love. Do this with no thought of how the other person is treating you, how they are speaking to you, or what they have done to you in the past.

No, today is not World Kindness Day. It is just an ordinary day. A day that can be made an extraordinary day.  Because of words.

When we speak love into the world, into others, it matters. Giving someone a compliment changes a mood. Responding in love extinguishes the flame of hate. A kind word can change a whole perspective.

Maybe when you start, you will not see a difference in people; keep speaking love. When the world says to hate, love. When the circumstances are frustrating, love. When your day has been turned upside down, love.

When Jesus walked on this earth, people were unkind, people hated, but He still loved. He loved enough to go to the cross, bear the sins of the entire world, and die a horrible death. He does not only love fellow Christians or religious people. No, Jesus Christ loves everyone. No matter who you come into contact with today, that person is someone that Jesus loves. Someone that Jesus died for. 

This world is hurting. People are hurting. Put love out into the world. Speak love into someone’s life today. You will be amazed at the love you receive in return.

Words matter. Speak love.

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