Choose Joy

In this world, there will be sorrows. You will walk through valleys. Life may not look like you thought it would. But we choose how we respond.

When your day gets overwhelming, choose peace.

When the evil one tries to discredit you, choose joy.

When fellow Christians come against you, choose love.

When the twists and turns of life knock you down, choose grace.

You may have woken up this morning with the best intentions, and before you even realized it, things of this world changed your schedule, and you are left feeling frustrated.

You meant to pray this morning, but…

You planned to read your Bible today, but…

You were going to go to Church, but…

The evil one does not want you to serve the Lord. He does not want you reading your Bible, praying, growing, serving, in Church, with fellow believers. He wants to keep you comfortable so that you will never take that step out for God.

When you purpose in your heart to serve and the frustrations of this world try to keep you from that purpose, choose joy. Respond in love. Extend grace.

Maybe that means you pray in your car or at lunch today.

Maybe you stay up later tonight to get your Bible reading completed.

Maybe you are late to Church.

Allow God to fight your battles, and do not give up. The world needs you.

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