Maybe 2022 did not look how you thought it would. Maybe life has not turned out as you planned. You think if you get (insert what you have deemed will turn things around here), then life will be better. If you achieve (insert goal here), then I will be happy.

You can achieve all your goals, make the amount of money you deem that will make you happy, have the kids, husband, cars and house that make the neighborhood jealous and it still will not be enough.

Without putting God first in your life, you are relying on people and things to fill that void in your life. My children are wonderful human beings, but they are not responsible for my happiness. My husband is loving, but he is not responsible to make me feel whole.

True happiness and true fulfillment are found in a relationship with Jesus Christ. My Savior gives love, peace, and joy. In Him I have a Father that will never leave me, never forsake me. God does not care about how many books I have sold, what awards I have won, or how much money is in my bank account. He looks at the condition of my heart. He sees things about me that no one else does. He loves me unconditionally.

He guides my every step. If I falter, He is right there to help me back on the path that He has chosen for me. My 2022 did not go how I thought it would. It was so much more than I could have ever imagined. My heart is full. That does not mean that we will never experience hardships, but even the bad days are not so bad with God.

If you want to set goals this year, then set a goal to read more Scripture. A goal to pray more. A goal to grow your relationship with God. A goal to take the step to walk the road of faith. A goal to surrender your life to Him.

This year, Lord I just want to follow You.

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