The Yes Effect

We wonder what will happen to our lives if we say “yes” to the Lord. We analyze the options and try to plan out for the changes that come with a “yes”. If we could see the road ahead and knew the twists and turns our lives would take, would we be closer to saying “yes”?

What does happen after a “yes”? I will call this, the yes effect. Here is what I know about a yes.

A yes led to business ownership. We have met so many wonderful people. We have heard amazing stories of faithfulness. While this business may not be ours forever, it has been a wonderful part of our journey.

A yes led to a new Church family. We have been blessed beyond measure by this move. We have a home and a family that have supported our growth and our every yes. This has fostered lifelong relationships and has been an integral part of our journey.

A yes led to new careers. Walking away from the careers we had built was sad, but following God has led to so many new opportunities. We have made new connections and friendships along the way.

None of these yeses were easy changes. Each one pulled us outside of our comfort zones. Each one required a total dependence on God. These are changes we would have never made on our own. These changes have led to new experiences and places.

Each yes has been an enormous blessing. Each yes has grown my relationship with the Lord.

I would not change one moment of my life with the Lord. I am so glad I said “yes”.

Whatever the Lord has called you to do, today is a good day to say “yes”.

Just try one “yes” and see what happens.

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