Jesus Every Day

Christmas is over. The tinsel is all tangled, and the decorations have lost their spark. The thought of putting everything away until next year is daunting.

I learned some great things this Christmas.

Christmas on a Sunday is humbling. Sitting in the Church, I got so emotional thinking about the sacrifice of Jesus. I could barely sing through the tears.

Being at Church celebrating Christmas was incredibly special.

My heart is full this Christmas.

But what about the day after and the day after?

We do not celebrate Jesus just at Christmas or just on Sunday.

We walk with Jesus every second of every day. We can have a close relationship with Jesus the other 364 days of the year.

We can keep the feeling of Christmas all year long. The tenderness, the kindness, and the heart of worship are not just at Christmas.

God desires a relationship with you. That relationship is humbling and fulfilling. That relationship is full of love and service. All He is waiting on is you. You have to make the choice to walk the path that He has for your life. You have to decide that you want a relationship with Him.

That feeling that you felt yesterday and the days leading up to Christmas, you can have that all year long. The choice is yours.

For me, I want to walk with Jesus every day.  

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