This Christmas

This Christmas feels different.

I am more humbled by the sacrifice of my Savior, leaving His home and coming to live and walk amongst humanity.

I am more in awe of a love that would sacrifice everything to give people the opportunity to spend eternity with Him in Heaven.

I am more thankful for my walk with God and that He never leaves me, even though I mess up.

This Christmas, I am humbled. This Christmas, I am grateful that I get to spend Christmas in Church worshipping my Savior and Lord.

There was never a question for us where we would be Sunday morning. Not just because my husband is the Pastor but because Christmas on a Sunday sounds perfect to me.

I looked up how often Christmas on a Sunday happens, and according to the calendar, Christmas on a Sunday will not happen again until 2033. It will be eleven more years before we can celebrate the birth of Jesus on Sunday. That is absolutely a reason to celebrate.

This Christmas, I not only want to sit at His table but be of service to the Kingdom of God. I want everyone to hear about a love so deep and so fulfilling. A love that left Glory and came to earth. A love that willingly went to the cross. A love that never leaves nor forsakes.  

This Christmas is different. This Christmas, I am humbled.

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