Time for Change

My heart is heavy. I would work 24/7 for the Lord if I could. That is the desire of my heart.

No more heartache. No more pain. Every person filled to overflowing with the love of the Lord. That is the desire of my heart.

The only tears would be tears of humbleness. Worship would be the desire of everyone’s heart.

Although I realize that pain and heartache will not disappear until there is no more evil in the world, why do we act like there is nothing we can do about this life?

Why do we walk around letting the world take over our lives?

It is time to change. Time to be different.

How can we be different? How can we show the world love?

Start by doing one thing every day for someone expecting nothing in return. Whether that is holding the door, saying thank you, telling someone Jesus loves you, paying it forward, or another deed that shows another person love.

You will find that it is hard to do just one nice thing a day and as love spreads, hearts change, people change.

We have the opportunity to be part of changing this world for the better. What are you going to do with that opportunity?

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