Throwing Stones

We are quick to jump to conclusions. We are quick to believe the worst about people. We are quick to take gossip and assumptions as fact.

Why are we so quick to throw stones at another person? Do we not have faults as well? Are we all sinners?

There are times when our little keyboard fingers would like to set the record straight. If we do, what does it profit? Whatever justification we might feel is only temporary. The potential damage to our witness and walk with God should be our main concern.

In the end, what this world thinks about you does not matter. What God thinks about you, that is eternal.

So whether we are the stone thrower or the stone receiver, we need to stop and think –

Is what is being said profitable for the Kingdom of God?

Are these words building up another?

Would God be pleased with these words?

Is this person someone that God loves?

If one of these answers is “no”, then you should walk away and do not engage.

Let us be slow to anger, slow to believe gossip and assumptions, slow to believe the worst, slow to wrath, and slow to speak.

Let us be quick to forgive, quick to lend an ear, quick to listen, quick to support, and quick to build up one another.

We can make this change. We can make a difference. It all starts with you.

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