Be Blessed

This week, all I want to do is be still and be blessed. The holidays are such a hectic time, we sometimes forget to stop and reflect on our blessings. The daily demands of this world take our focus off of the Lord.

In this moment, be still. Just breathe. Count your blessings.

Maybe you are already so frustrated that you cannot see blessings. Maybe life has gotten you down this week and you need to refocus.

I love the Blessings ABCs. I take every letter of the alphabet and think of a blessing that starts with that letter. While I do not know any that begin with the letter X, I use a word that sounds like it starts with X. This list is yours. Use it whenever you need to remind yourself just how blessed you truly are.

Ready, count…

A – Adore

B – Blessed

C – Crucified

D – Devoted

E – Everlasting

F – Father

G – Grace

H – Holy

I – Indescribable

J – Jesus

K – King

L – Love

M – Mercy

N – Noble

O – Omega

P – Prayer

Q – Quiet

R – Redeemer

S – Salvation

T – Trust

U – Unending

W – Worth

X – Exalt

Y – Yahweh

Z – Zealous

Enjoy this week. Be still and be blessed.

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