Blank Page

As I stare at a blank page and ask God for the words to fill this page, it occurs to me that each day that we walk this earth starts as a blank page.

When we wake from our slumber, our day has just begun. No words have been written yet. We may have the day scheduled out, but schedules and appointments change, so we have a blank page.

How do we want to fill our page? What will our page look like at the end of the day?

Will it be filled with frazzle and frustration? Bustling and busyness?

Take a look back over yesterday. Do you like how you spent your twenty-four hours? Know that every day does not have to look like yesterday. Take it to God in prayer. Ask for direction. Ask for guidance. Seek His will for your life. Make the decision to walk the path that He has planned for you.

It is my heart’s desire that His words not only fill this page, but the pages of my life as well. I want my story to be written by God. Each page full of His love, His guidance, His direction. Telling the story of how He worked through me to reach others.

I want a story with purpose. A fulfilled life. I want to sit at the feet of Jesus. I want to marvel at His creation. I want to see souls saved. 

Are you ready to make a change? There is no better time than now. No better day than today.

Today is a fresh blank page.

Fill my page, Lord.

Leave no white spaces.

Cover my page in Your love.

Design Your plan, page by page.

Give my mouth Your words to say.

Burden my pages with a heart for others.

That I extend Your grace to those in need.

Fill these pages with Your mercy.

So that Your goodness reigns in this story.

Thank you Lord for another day to honor and serve You.

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