What truly matters in this life? What do we focus our attention on? Do we spend life on the things that are worthwhile?

So much of the time, we focus on our tasks for the day. We focus on making a life for ourselves. We work to make money. We work to provide a life.

While all of those things are important, what about eternity? What have we done to prepare for eternity? We keep thinking that there will be plenty of tomorrows. We work thinking that tomorrow is promised. There will be time to prepare. There will be time to work for the Lord. There will be time to prepare for eternity. There will be time.

What if…

We use our time to work for the Lord. We spend our time telling others about the love of Christ. We can make a difference with our time. If we touch another life with our time, then time is priceless.

How precious to use the minutes given to us by God to tell others about His love, His grace, His goodness. How worthwhile to spend our seconds on things that are eternal. How wonderful to see a life changed by giving your time.

The things of this life will pass away. Money, material possessions, they are temporary, but eternity is forever.

As for me, I want to spend my time, my precious moments, telling others about Jesus.

My desire is priceless time to serve the Lord.

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