Answering the Call

When God calls you to do something and you put off that calling, do you feel as though when you have time, when you are ready, the calling will still be there waiting? Right at this moment, you are not the person you think you need to be to answer the call. Right at this moment does not work with your schedule, so you will work it in at the next available time. Of course we do.

At one time or another, you have not answered a call. You have thought that there was a better time and place and God would understand why you could not accomplish right then.

Think of it like this – God has a plan for your life. Your pathway for God has callings along the way. As you walk the road with Him, He leads you to service opportunities. If we miss those opportunities, then the road changes and sometimes we take a detour off of the road entirely. This is not like missing your exit on the highway. You cannot turn around and go back.

You are not the person you were when you took the detour. The lives you would have touched with your service are no longer in that particular situation. You missed the blessing.

Do not miss your opportunity thinking it will always be there. Do not miss out on the plan that God has for your life. You do not have to be qualified or have an open schedule to serve God. He is not looking for any of that. He is looking for you. He is looking at you. He sees the intent of your heart. Nothing is hidden from Him.

Stop trying to live this life on your own terms. Allow God to guide your steps.

Say “yes” to God today.

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