Sit there for a moment and reflect on the power of God. He made everything on the earth in seven days. He cares for all of the animals and all of nature every single day.  He watches over every person whether they have accepted Him or not. These are just a few of the multitude of things that God has done, is doing, and will continue to do.

If we serve a God that is all-powerful, why do we struggle? Why do we allow ourselves to be so enveloped by the world? We serve. We get frustrated. We quit. We get weary. We do not fully rely on Him.

Now we are getting to the point. If we fully relied on God. If we sought His will for our lives. If we gave our burdens to God. If we rested in His peace.

God has the power to make a way where we cannot find one. God has the power to change your situation or circumstance. God has the power to change you.

I am not saying that you will never get frustrated or weary, because this world can be difficult to navigate. When you do, turn your focus to Him. Allow Him to guide you through. Allow His love and His peace to comfort you.

Bring your heavy heart. Bring your brokenness. Bring your burdens.

Right now, in this moment.

Let go and allow God in your life.

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