How many times have we forgotten to do something for the Lord? When it comes to mind, we hurriedly rush to get the task completed or put it on our calendar to handle at a later date.

Do we treat our service as important or an afterthought?

Important means that we stop what we are doing and follow God. Important means that we put our service above worldly activities. Important means that we tell God “yes” instead of “no”, “wait”, “when I have time”. Important means that we realize that tomorrow is not promised so we take care of it today. Important means that we value the life that God has chosen us to speak over.

This life will keep you busy if you allow it. This life will keep you focused on the world if you allow it. This life will pull you from your relationship with God if you allow it.

It is time that our service to God be important. It is important to God. It is important to the life that you will touch. It should be important to us as well.

It is time to make a change. When you feel the pull to talk to someone, do it. When you feel the call to pray for someone, do it. When you feel the nudge to take a step, do it.

Tomorrow is not promised. The remainder of today is not promised. It is time to quit acting like we have an abundance of time and start acting like every life matters.

If you have been putting off your service. If you have been pushing it to the back of your calendar. If you have been waiting to serve. Today is the day to make that change.

Today is a good day to serve the Lord.

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