One Accord

1054 is the first recorded split of the Church. Before that, Christianity was one. Then, came the denominations. With denominations came differences. Now, even non-denominational is a denomination.

What is the basis of our beliefs? Jesus Christ.

If that is so, then churches should be able to work together towards this common goal. Correct?

Why are we not seeing churches crossing denominations to work together? My denomination believes this, and your denomination believes that, so we cannot be in one accord.

There is strife between churches, strife between denominations, discord is prevailing.

We need to get back to the basics. We all love God. We all love Jesus. That is what truly matters.

There is a world of people who are searching for the peace and love that you have. They need Jesus, not judgment. They need love, not condemnation. They need guidance, not discord.

Church it is time to come together. I am speaking to all Christians. It is time to be of one accord. Time to watch what God can do with our obedience.

Time to be the Church.

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