Solid Rock

My husband and I realized the other day that we do not fight or really even argue anymore. He says its because there is nothing worth causing that type of pain. While I agree that I love and respect my Husband enough that I do not want to inflict the pain and hurt that come with fighting, I also see the changes that God has made in us.

Evil has always tried to creep into our marriage. The evil one wants to cause discord and disruption between us. We are rooted in Christ and this house is built on the solid rock. This solid rock did not just happen, we work on our relationship with God and each other daily. I pray for my Husband and my marriage every day.

If you are currently struggling, whether in marriage or in life, God is your answer. He is the changer of hearts, situations, and circumstances. Lean on Him and allow Him to show you how to build your house on the solid rock. Recognize the plans of the evil one and do not allow him to destroy what God is trying to build.

Peace, love, and understanding come from a relationship with God. A relationship built on the solid rock.

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