Mondays are a blessing. Maybe you have never looked at Mondays this way.

Monday is a new day. God woke you up this morning and that is a blessing.

Monday presents another opportunity to tell others about Jesus. Since you woke up this morning, it is time to serve.

Monday is the start of most people’s work week. It is a new beginning to work for the glory of the Lord.

Monday shows us that something good can come from something we dread. I have not met one person that likes Mondays, but God can make a way for you any day.

Monday is a day to serve the Lord. God does not call us only on days that are convenient, He calls us to serve every day.

Mondays can be beautiful. Mondays can be a blessing. It is all in how we approach our day that matters.

Change your perspective about Mondays and make every day God’s day.

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