God wants us to put Him first. I cannot tell you how many times God has given me something to write and I did not stop right then and write it down. I waited until the time was convenient and sat down to write. Then, I waited for the words to come, but the time had passed, and I missed out on that nugget of wisdom.

God does not want my schedule or my excuses, He wants to know that no matter what else I have going on in life, that He is first. I feel like God gives me tasks at inconvenient times to show me where my priorities are.

Do I focus on Him no matter the situation or circumstance? Do I put Him first in all areas of my life? Have I put God in a box and separated my Christian life from my work life and my family life?

God knows your priorities, but sometimes, we need to be shown what we are putting first in our lives. If you are like me, we do not intentionally put other things in this life above our service to the Lord. The busyness of life distracts me from my focus on the Father and I do not realize that my priorities have changed.

Refocusing on the Father is my top priority. My relationship with Him is important.

There are days when we could all use a wake-up call. This life does its best to pull you away from God. Do your best to keep your relationship strong.

Make the inconvenient, convenient.

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