I have this sitting on my desk next to my computer. It was given to me by my wonderful Church family. Every time that things get a little frustrating or overwhelming, I read this verse. I think about what these words mean, and it refocuses my attention off of this moment and on to the Father.

I am sure that when this gift was purchased, there was not a thought about how it would help me. That is normally not why we purchase gifts. We see something that we think the other person would like or would make their life easier and we buy. Normally, we never hear about the gift after giving it.

But what if your small act of kindness made a difference in someone’s day? What if you could be a positive influence in the life of another person?

We do not think of a phone call, text, note, card, or gift as making a difference. They do. The thought behind the action makes the difference. Whether you hear from the person or not, you have made an impact in their lives.

You do not have to walk down the streets with a megaphone telling people about Jesus (although there is nothing wrong with that). You can make an impact. When the Lord lays someone on your mind – text, call, send a note or card, something to let that person know they are loved.

Thank you to everyone who lives like this every day. You are making an impact!

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