Our lives are like stories. We write the pages by the choices we make. Our characters develop with each page.

Sometimes, chapters come to an end. We say goodbye to jobs, friends, etc. There is such sadness as that final page in our chapter turns.

But then a new chapter opens with new adventures and the unknown ahead. It is exciting and frightening all at the same time. The new chapter has twists and turns that the old chapter did not.

What if we never left the first chapter? We spent our whole lives telling God no each time He calls us to take a step for Him. We stayed in our comfortable place.

We would never have a chance to grow our relationship with Him. Steps are growth. New chapters are growth.

We would never be blessed by the experiences and life that He has planned for us. Mountain tops and valleys produce blessings.

We would never know what God can accomplish through us. It was never about what I can accomplish on my own, but about what He can do through me.

My life with God has taken me places I never would have gone, and I have had experiences that were not possible without Him.

Today is the day. You are ready for this.



Turn the page.

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