Every day as I drive to work, I meet a man on a bicycle. With his lunch strapped to the bike, he is heading to work. I do not know where he is going or where he came from.

It is a busy stretch of road, but he is unfazed by the passersby. He is focused on his destination.  He is looking so intently straight ahead. I am sure that the bicycle is not the most comfortable mode of transportation, but he consistently rides it day after day.

Each time I pass by, I am encouraged. Instead of seeing an obstacle, he saw a way. His determination is inspiring. So much of the time, we see situations as impossible and give up. We never even consider that God has a plan.

We get so distracted by the world around us instead of focusing on our destination. We veer off the path that God has planned for us when things get too difficult.

Maybe God has put you in an uncomfortable place. Maybe He is making a way through your situation right now.

Whatever your circumstance or situation is right at this moment, focus on the Father.  Take that step on the path that God has planned for you. If you do not see a way, if you are uncomfortable, keep walking. God has a plan. 

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