Prayer Warriors

Where are my prayer warriors? There are so many people in this world that are hurting right now. There are people who need the love of Jesus in their lives. There are people who are experiencing great loss, deep valleys, and are overcome with sadness. Where are the people of God?

What happened to our reverence for prayer? How can we look over the people standing in need of prayer and not stand in the gap for them?

We want to pretend that we do not see the condition of this world. That the plight of these people is not our concern.

Instead, we concern ourselves with our little circle. We pray for prosperity in our communities, but really only for our friends. We judge people that do not look, dress, or talk like we do. We are fully relying on our own self-righteousness to get through life.

If you want to see true change in your life, in your circle of friends, in your community, then we need to become prayer warriors. A prayer warrior prays earnestly for people they have never met. A prayer warrior seeks God’s guidance for their lives and does not rely on self. A prayer warrior has a burden for people standing in need of prayer and stands in the gap for them. A prayer warrior sees the condition of the world, but knows that with God all things are possible and that true change comes from God.

It is time to for this world to seek God. Put away self and focus on the Father. This world needs prayer warriors.

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