What is a life worth? We all want to say that we value life, that every life is important. The way we treat ourselves and each other shows how we value life. That one makes me pause and think. If I say that I value life, then I have to value myself and others.

I have to treat myself like my life matters. That means that everything I put in my body should be beneficial to life. Everything that I put my body through should be beneficial to life. I cannot treat my mental, spiritual, and physical health as an afterthought. Self-care is important.

I have to value others. No matter what they have done or have not done, what they look like or act like, I need to show them value. The clerk at the store. The person that cut you off on your way to work. The one that started the rumor against you. The security guard, the homeless, the co-worker, the person sitting next to you at Church. Their lives matter. Their lives have value.

Do we value life? What is a life worth to us? A life to Jesus is one that He died for. A life to Jesus is one that He loves.

God desires that we treat ourselves and each other with value. He wants us to know that we matter. Our lives are valuable to God.

If we value life, start by valuing yours and others. Treat every life, even your own, as important.

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