Every Second

God has a plan for your life. It is up to us whether we follow that plan or not. We have a choice. God calls us all.

We can forge our own paths making our way in this world alone. We can be successful. We can accumulate stuff. We can completely cut God out of our lives. This life is full of things, stuff, activities, appointments, etc. At the end of the day, you know something is missing. You have this longing, this void, that you try to fill, but it only lasts momentarily. Then, the void returns and you have to keep working to fill it.

A life with God is different. A successful life with God is not measured by what you own or who knows your name, it is measured by your relationship with Him. Spending time and growing closer to God. The void is filled and stays full. Your priorities change. The vison you have for your life changes. Your desires line up with God’s desire for your life. You have a heart for others.

Walking with God gives life a meaning like no other. Service does not feel like work. Planning is left up to God.

Some people may not understand your choices. You, alone, are meant to understand your walk with God. Do not let outside influences, no matter how well meaning, take your eyes off of God.

This plan, this walk, this life is worthwhile. This relationship, this friendship, this love is fulfilling.

God is worth every second of every day. Today is a good day to start your service.

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