You rarely see someone overjoyed because they came in second. People want to be first. People want to win. They want to be the leader.

We cannot be the leader in a life with God. God has to be first in our lives. When we follow Him and want Him to be the Lord of our lives, we have to give up control. We no longer lead.

God is first. We follow Him. We are second. Our wants and desires line up with the plans that God has for our lives. We no longer desire to be the leader. We no longer have a desire to be first.

We work for the glory of the Lord. We do our jobs to the best of our ability and if we are never recognized for that, its ok. God knows all. He sees what you are doing. He sees when you are doing the right thing. Even when you think no one notices.

He is right there.

Put God first in your life and see the difference it makes.

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