I keep hearing about relaxation. There is even a relaxation day. A day to remind us that we need to take time to breathe. Life is so busy. Some days it feels like a constant battle to and fro. Other days, you look up and wonder how the day slipped by.

Today, I want you to know that taking care of yourself is not selfish. You are important. If you need a moment, take it. If you need a break from social media, take it. Breathe.

Let’s practice.

Breathe in positivity. 

Breathe out negativity.

Breathe in the love of Jesus.

Breathe out everything weighing you down.

Focus on the Father’s love for you.

While you are working for the Lord, do not forget to take care of you. You are important. Work in a few “do nothing” moments in your day to just breathe.

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